PGHR can help you with almost all of your HR questions, issues and strategies. Contact us today to:

Establish a Human Resource Function
We will meet with you to get to understand your business and how your people can add to the value of your organization leading to success. We will evaluate your needs against the best practices in the HR field and help you develop a plan for your HR function including how/who will “staff”; what essential policies/practices you need; and how these activities “connect” with your business mission and vision.

Review Your Existing Human Resource Activities/Functions
Using an HR audit approach, we will help you determine how your HR functions are keeping a connection between your people and your business. We will help you develop an improvement plan to fill any gaps you may have so that your HR meets your strategic business needs.

Find the Best People
Though PGHR is not a recruiting firm, we can help you determine what you need by establishing the best employee profile and job description; helping you search and find good sources for candidates; do initial screening and make an offer.

Get Assistance with Employee Relations Problems
Using HR best practices and years of experience dealing with employee issues, PGHR can help you find answers to those difficult employee problems by establishing better policies and practices or referring you to other providers who specialize in your trouble areas.

Develop Employees So They Achieve Their Potential & Contribute to Your Bottom Line
PGHR can help you evaluate skill gaps; determine when a problem is and is not a training issue; find appropriate training resources, consultants or programs that meet your financial and business needs.

Personal career development services are also available.